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The Pure Power of Paint

Well, its 2016 and a new year with endless possibilities.  By now, most of us have made our new year’s resolutions and maybe even broken some of them.  I decided long ago to simply set goals instead and I do my best to…

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Oh (Paint) Chit.

Oh Chit. I need to get something out in the open. It drives me a little nutty. It makes my eyes roll involuntarily. Please fill in the blank: “Honey, I am going to Home Depot to pick up a few paint…

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Termites, Termites, Termites

So, as my personal home renovation saga continues, I decided to finally drywall my laundry room, attached to my detached garage…..are you still with me?  Anyway, in order to drywall my laundry room, I have to move things to my garage, which in turns…

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